ISORECEA book publishing

The most visible outcomes of ISORECEA conferences are books in which a great number of scholars of religion have published their papers:

•    Borowik, I., Jabłoński, P. (eds.) (1995) The Future of Religion. East and West. Krakow.  
•    Borowik, I., Babiński, G. (eds.) (1997) New Religious Phenomena in Central and Eastern Europe. Krakow.

•    Borowik, I. (eds.) (1999) Church-State Relations in Central and Eastern Europe. Krakow.
•    Borowik, I., Tomka, M. (eds.) (2001) Religion and Social Change in Post-Communist Europe. Krakow.

•    Marinović Jerolimov, D., Zrinščak, S., Borowik, I. (eds.) (2004) Religion and Patterns of Social Transformation. Zagreb.

•    Revay, E., Tomka M. (eds.) (2006) Eastern European Religion. Budapest-Piliscsaba.
•    Borowik, I. (ed.) (2006) Religions, Churches, and Religiosity in Post-Communist Europe. (Papers in honor to Eileen Barker, one of the founders and from 2006 Honorary President of ISORECEA). Krakow.

•    Tomka, M., Yurash, A. (eds.) (2007) Challenges of Religious Plurality for Eastern and Central Europe. L’viv.

•    Revay, E., Tomka M. (eds.) (2007) Church and Religious Life in Post-Communist Societies. (In memory of Tadeusz Doktor, ISORECEA Vice-President). Budapest-Piliscsaba.

•    Borowik, I., Zawiła, M. (eds.) (2010) Religions and Identities in Transition. Krakow. (available in pdf)